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About Lutheran Prayers...

Lutheran Prayers is a collection of Intercessory Prayers that are used as Prayers of the Church or Prayers of Intercession by my home church, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in West Carrollon, Ohio. Grace Lutheran is a member of the North American Lutheran Church and Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ.

The prayers are categorized by prayer topic so the reader can quickly find prayers according to his/her personal needs. The prayers are of a conservative viewpoint and reflect a liturgical flavor of the Lutheran Church.

It is my hope and prayer that these prayers will be used to edify your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be a source of effective intercessory prayers for your church and those in your life. Please feel free to comment on how these prayers have been a blessing to you.

 G.H. Brooks

My Prayer

Lord, there are times I need to remind myself that it is You that I need to be living for. Each day I am confronted with the sins of the world, sins that often take root in my life and cause me to stumble along life's path. I praise you Jesus that through faith You continuously bestow grace and forgiveness upon me for my sins and sinful nature. Bless me and my petitions before You that they may keep my heart and spirit in tune with Your Word and that I may be a faithful witness to others. Amen.

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Sunday After Christmas

December 11, 2013

Father, God, we praise you for this most miraculous and most indescribable gift, your very own Son, Jesus Christ. Praise to you, O God! In humble adoration, we praise you for this Christmas Child from whom the source of all truth and knowledge begins and ends. Lord, in your mercy.

Hear our prayer.

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New Year's Eve Service

December 9, 2013

Oh Son of God, Lord of the Most High, we give you praise and glory for this past year of blessings from which our lives have been enriched. We give thanks for all the trials and tribulations that have tested our faith and has now brought us forth to a New Year of opportunities to embrace the love of…

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Fourth Sunday of Advent

December 6, 2013

Gracious Lord, Father of all creation, and provider of our salvation through the birth, life, death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Praise to you, O God, that we can come before you in this season of Advent and find the hope of eternal life. Lord, in your mercy.

Hear our pray…

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First Sunday of Advent

November 25, 2013

Heavenly Father, in this Advent season, lift up our hearts as we enter this new church year full of anticipation as we prepare to celebrate the arrival of Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah, and the Lord of our lives. Lord, in your mercy.

Hear our prayer.

O Christ, you come, and have come, as a ba…

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A Christmas Prayer

November 22, 2013

O Holy Christ Child, you come into this world as the Son of God to light the world as the angels proclaim the news of your birth. Let the light of joy radiating from our hearts be a sign that the Christ Child has arrived in all his majesty to fulfill the prophecy of ages past. Lord, in your mercy.

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Sharing Our Faith

November 19, 2013

Heavenly Father, we thank you this day for all the people who are here to worship you in your house. We thank you for all those who have been faithful witnesses of your Word and first helped us to understand what the Christian faith is all about. Lord, in your mercy.

Hear our prayer.

Lord Jesus, w…

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Trusting in God's Word

November 18, 2013

O Lord, my God, in you do we place our trust. Trusting in your Word brings us indescribable happiness and a deep abiding joy. Praise to you, O Father, for these precious gifts. Lord, in your mercy.

Hear our prayer.

Heavenly Father, it is our heart’s desire to always trust in you and to always do g…

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Shield of Christ

November 13, 2013

Gracious God of the universe, protect us with the shield of Christ so that we may persevere in the midst of trial and tribulations that test our love and devotion to your Word. Strengthen our armor so that no sword of the enemy may pierce it with lies and words of deception that can cripple our will…

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Christ the King Sunday

November 12, 2013

O Lord, our God, and our Redeemer, we bow down before you, O Christ, for you reign supreme over all nations on this earth. Let us as your faithful children and servants humbly submit to your will for our lives. Lord, in your mercy.

Hear our prayer.

O Father, on this Christ the King Sunday, we cele…

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Day of Thanksgiving

November 11, 2013

O God of thanksgiving, we come before you today to give thanks for all the people of your church; everybody who is here today and on other Sundays. Lord, in your mercy.

Hear our prayer.

Father, we give thanks for our pastors, and for others who are called to be ministers of your Word. We give than…

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Running From God

November 7, 2013

O almighty and everlasting God, your voice rings out from the mountaintops and fills the whole of creation. We hear your voice calling out to each of us by name, and yet some of us do not respond. Lord, in your mercy.

Hear our prayer.

Father, we lead busy lives and often find ourselves enmeshed in…

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Christmas is Coming

November 6, 2013

Most Merciful God, Christmas is coming. That glorious day that your Son, Jesus Christ, came into this world, born in a manger to the Virgin Mary. O God in heaven, your son has arrived fulfilling the prophesy of your Word. Lord, in your mercy.

Hear our prayer.

O God, your people have waited many ye…

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Prayer For All Saints Day

November 3, 2013

O Gracious God, we give thanks that as your children you love us enough to call us your Saints. Father, although we are afflicted with the sins of the world, you see us perfect through your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for his perfect life and for his redeeming blood that has cleansed us from all un…

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Prayer of Stewardship

November 2, 2013

Gracious and most merciful God, you have blessed our Church with people devoted to your Word and service in your name. Help us to fulfill our church mission and your Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations. Lord, in your mercy.

Hear our prayer.

Father, on this Stewardship Sunday, …

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Second Sunday of Advent

November 1, 2013

O great and glorious Redeemer, hear the petitions of our hearts and lift them up to the Most High God. Lord, in you is found the truth of the Holy Scriptures. In you is found the glory of eternal life. In you, the gifts of the Holy Spirit flow abundantly. In this Advent season, prepare our hearts, o…

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Third Sunday of Advent

October 31, 2013

O Gracious God, prepare our hearts and minds for this Advent season. Prepare us, O Lord, as we look forward to celebrating the birth of your Son, Jesus Christ, as our Lord and Savior. Prepare us for His coming so that we may fully grasp the meaning of this Christmas season and embrace it with the jo…

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Moved By The Spirit

October 29, 2013

O Lord, God of Israel, you alone are the God of all the Kingdoms on earth. You alone created the heavens and the earth. Bend down your ear, O Lord, and hear the pleas of your faithful servants. Lord, in your mercy.

Hear our prayer.

Father, in our days of worship before you, we often fail to be mov…

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Prayer for Missionaries

October 27, 2013

O Gracious God, look down upon us from heaven and see our arms stretched upward. Hear the pleas of your faithful servants who yearn to join you in paradise. Lord, our voices are crying out for the missionaries abroad who are being persecuted for sharing their faith so that your lost children may com…

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Too Busy To Pray

October 25, 2013

Lord Jesus, we come before you with humble spirits, reconciled that we are by nature sinful and in need of your redemption. Father, if we are to be truthful, we often fail in our prayer life. In your Word, you have taught us to pray, not just in bad times, but in good times as well. Lord, in your me…

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Prayer of Thanksgiving

October 24, 2013

O Gracious God, on this day of Thanksgiving, let us give thanks for the abundance of blessings you have provided for all your children. In your Son’s precious name, we praise you for your endless mercies and unending grace. Lord, in your mercy.

Hear our prayer.

Father, on this special day, we gi…

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Gift of Salvation

October 23, 2013

Heavenly Father, what a joy it is to wake up this morning to what promises to be a beautiful day, no matter what the weather conditions, because it is a day that you have made. Lord, as our day progresses, let us be faithful reflections of your light so that someone who does not know you as Lord and…

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Healing of Family

October 22, 2013

Heavenly Father, It is a joyful occasion when we can come before you and share the thoughts and feelings that bring both sorrow and happiness to our lives. Lord, in your mercy.

Hear our prayer.

Each day, Lord, no matter what challenges life is presenting to us, we are reminded that our emotional a…

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Receiving Christ's Grace

October 22, 2013

O God, in your precious mercy, you are quick to forgive us of our sins when we come before you with contrite and repentant hearts. Lord, instill in us humble and receiving spirits so that we may receive with grace your precious gift of forgiveness. Lord, in your mercy.

Hear our prayer.

Father, in …

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Faithful Each Day

October 21, 2013

Father, in your mercy, hear the cries of our hearts. All too often, Lord Jesus, we set our hearts and minds on doing activities that are not of your kingdom. You have given us a seven day week, with one day set aside to worship you in your House. Father, we want to make the most of every day that yo…

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Gift of Prayer

October 20, 2013

O Lord our God, you have given your people the gift of prayer so that we may share with you the concerns of our hearts. Father, let us be thankful for this precious gift of communication and the means by which we can share with you our needs, our struggles, and our concerns, but most of all the oppo…

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